1. Why choose Manhattan Nursery School?

A: Manhattan Nursery School was founded in 1996 and has been constantly growing and providing loving care with professionalism. Also, for working parents our school takes parents’ role for their children while they are working from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We pride ourselves that our school is focused on creating a safe, warm, nurturing and learning environment for children to develop healthy self expression and be life long achievers with the best proven practices of excellent care and education. In Manhattan Nursery School, all children and teachers are respected and trusted so that children can feel comfortable and secure while they are in our school.

3. May I enroll my child at the middle of academic year?

A: Yes, you can enroll your child whenever there is a space available.

5. What age of children do you accept?

A: Manhattan Nursery School is licensed for children from 15 months to 5 years old.

7. Do you allow parents to visit their child during the day?

A: Yes, all parents are always welcome to visit their child’s classroom during the day with an advance notice.

9. Do you take children outside regularly?

A: Yes, our well experienced teachers take children outside safely whenever weather permits. During summer, children visit a neighborhood water park and playground every week. Throughout the year except winter season, children visit public library once a month.

11. Will I be informed about my child’s academic process?

A: Yes, a report card is given out twice a year on parent-teacher conference days. You can choose a comfortable date for conference within a given period of time by teachers. If you are not able to make one for some reasons, we send out your child’s report card.

13. Do you have any safety plans in case of emergency?

A: Yes, a fire drill is held every month, and children practice to follow directions from teachers and evacuate classrooms. In case of emergency, children will be staying at a safe facility near our school, and parents will be informed right away.

15. What about immunization and illnesses?

A: All children are required to bring in their immunization records at the time of enrollment. Absences from illness should be reported to us as soon as possible. Also, parents will be notified if their child has a sign of contagious disease, rash or fever.

17. How is your tuition rate?

A: Tuition rate at the Manhattan Nursery School is comparative to other nursery schools in the area. Please inquire about it. We also accept ACS (public assistance) vouchers.

2. What is the admission process?

A: Our admission process is rolling process, so we accept applicants throughout the year as long as a space is available. We have an application packet which is given out on a school tour day or within inquiry. Once the application packet is submitted and processed by us, your child will be enrolled. Manhattan Nursery School does not have an entrance test, however, we encourage you to visit us for school tour with your child for admission.

4. How do I visit/tour the school?

A: A private school tour is given out throughout the year. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for school tour.

6. What is the ratio of teacher to children in the classroom?

A: It varies from classrooms with different aged group of children; 4 children for 1 teacher in infant class (15 months to 1 year old children), 5 children for 1 teacher in toddler classes (2 years old to 3 years old children) and 8 children for 1 teacher in pre-kindergarten classes (4 years old and 5 years old children).

8. Does my child need to be potty trained to attend Manhattan Nursery School?

A: No, our teachers will help out children with potty training. We encourage you to bring in an extra set of clothing with your child’s name marked in case of accidents.

10. Do you have field trips?

A: Yes, we have field trips related to seasonal themes and for educational purposes such as apple picking, zoo, aquarium, museums and farm every other month.

12. How can I be informed about school announcements or news?

A: Once your child is enrolled, you will be given a log-in ID and a password from our administration staffs to view announcements, weekly classroom schedule, weekly menu and monthly newsletter and enjoy your child’s event photos taken from our school. Also, important announcements will be posted in the school where they can easily be seen.

14. Are your teachers CPR and First Aid certified?

A: Yes, five staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid. One of them is certified to administer medications and inhalants.

16. What if it snows?

A: Our administration staffs will make school closing decision considering safety and traffic conditions by 6 AM in the morning. In case of closing school, school closing information will be posted on the website, and every parent will be informed individually through telephone by our staffs.

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