[A parent from Pre-K2 class (4.5-year old girl)]

“When I first started my preschool search 3 years ago, I was practically in tears. It seemed nearly impossible to find a warm, loving, educational, well-rounded and AFFORDABLE preschool in NYC. After a few weeks of searching, I discovered Manhattan Nursery School. Today I consider MNS to be a hidden gem of preschools in Manhattan. My daughter, Ava has attended MNS full time since she was 2 years old and she’s now 5. She learned a ton (even I learned a few things!!), made a lot of new friends from all different backgrounds, joined a few extracurricular activities (such as Gymnastics, Yoga and Music) and because of this, Ava is fully prepared with the personal development skill and social skills needed in order to do well in Kindergarten, thanks to her outstanding experience at MNS. I truly couldn’t ask for better!!”

[A parent from Pre-K2 class (4.5-year old boy)]

“My son went to MNS for a year for his pre kindergarten. I was looking for a school that could prepare him in such a way that he could start Kindergarten with confidence. In addition to having a structured learning curriculum, MNS also fosters intellectual curiosity. During the initial phase the staff helped him transition smoothly into the new surroundings. Most importantly the teachers are affectionate and know each of their student’s strengths and weaknesses on an individual basis. At the end of the academic year, my son started reading, could not only print his own name but also spell and write a lot more. He also surprises me with facts on general knowledge every now and then and takes keen interest in solving math problems. Thanks to the nurturing environment provided at MNS, my son has developed an enthusiasm for learning and is eagerly looking forward to starting his next phase – Kindergarten. I couldn’t ask for more!”

[A parent from Pre-K3 class (4-year old boy)]

“Manhattan Nursery School fue la mejor decisión que mi esposo y yo hicimos. Nuestro hijo Lucas estuvo con una señora quien lo cuido por tres anos. Pero la realidad fue que Lucas no estaba progresando como esperaba. Decidimos visitar escuelas primarias en el vecindario de Midtown Manhattan. Desde el momento que entre a Manhattan Nursery School y la administradora y la directora me dieron la bienvenida y me sentí cómoda. Después de haber dado un tour por la escuela yo supe que iba ser un buen lugar para nuestro hijito.

Lucas ha estado en Manhattan Nursery School por año y medio. En Pre-K3 Lucas hizo amistad con los niños.

Aprendió cooperar y compartir, participo en clases extracurricular en baile y música, y más importante fue el desarrollo de su vocabulario. Ahora está en Pre-K4 y sigue aprendiendo muchísimo. El entra todos los días con una sonrisa. Y cuando se va para la casa le da abrazos a las maestras y una sonrisa grande.

Las maestras y asistentes están bien preparados y tienen mucha experiencia. Ellas hacen evaluaciones de los niños cada semestre y comparten con los padres como están progressando. La escuela programa viajes de estudio al parque, a la biblioteca, y ostros lugares donde los niños disfrutan y aprenden.

Puedo decir muchas más cosas positivas de Manhattan Nursery School, pero les dejo saber de ultimo que ellos siguen ayudando a Lucas crecer emocionalmente, socialmente y educativo para que pueda estar bien preparado para Kindergarten.”

“Manhattan Nursery School was the best decision my husband and I made for our son Lucas. Lucas was with a babysitter for the first three years, but we were not seeing him grow and develop the way we wanted. I came to Manhattan Nursery School after I had visited several neighboring preschools. From the moment I walked in and I was greeted by the program administrator and the school director, I felt welcomed and comfortable.

After a school tour I knew this was the right place for our little boy.

Lucas has been there fore a year and a half and I cannot begin to hell you how well he has done. He has moved up to Pre-K3 in March after spending his first year in Pre-K4 where he made friends, learned to cooperate and share, participated in extracurricular activities like dance and music and most importantly has increased his vocabulary significantly. He comes in every day and leaves with a smile on his face and a hug for anyone of the teachers he runs into on his way out.

The teachers and assistants are well prepared and experienced. They evaluated the children every semester and provide progress reports. They schedule field trips to the library, park and other places where the children truly have fun and learn at the same time.

I can’t say enough positive things about Manhattan Nursery School. I feel they continue to help Lucas grow emotionally, socially and cognitively and are preparing him extremely well for Kindergarten.”


[A parent from Pre-K4 class (3.5 -year old boy)]

“2년째 학교 생활 하고 있는 아이 엄마인데요. 풍부한 경험과 책임감 있는 선생님들 덕분에 주위 사람들로부터 사랑 받는 아이가 된 것 같아 만족스럽습니다. 우연히 선생님께서 아이를 달래가며  꼼꼼하게 약을 바르고 있는 모습을 보게 되었는데요. 그때야 문득 아이가 했던 말에 의미를 알게  되겠더군요. 가끔 엄마 아빠 중에 누가 제일 좋아? 하고 물으면 엄마, 아빠, 그리고 담임 선생님 이름을 답하는 아이랍니다!”

“I’m the mom of a child who has been attending MNS for 2 years. I am very satisfied that my child has become a beloved and precious child with her experienced and responsible teachers’ loving care. One day, I saw her teacher apply an ointment to a child carefully while soothing him on her lap. Then, I was able to understand what my daughter has said about her teacher the other day. When I asked her who she likes the best in the world, she says, ‘mom, dad and my teacher!’”

[A parent from Toddler 3 class (2.5-year old boy)]

“두살 반인 저희 아들은 Manhattan Nursery School에 다닌지 이제 1년이 조금 넘었습니다. 모든  아이들이 그렇듯이 처음에는 적응 기간이 필요했지만, 선생님들의 적극적이 도움으로 적응도 빨리 하고, 이제는 학교에서 친구들과 어울리고 배우는 것을 매우 좋아합니다. 각반의 선생님들은 학교에서 일어난 모두 일과를 적어 매일 부모에게 전달해 주고, 매달 전학년 행사 및 학습 목표 또한  전달해주므로 부모들은 아이가 앞으로 배울 것들, 그리고 매일 학교에서 어떻게 지냈는지에 관한  정보 교환이 수시로 이루어 집니다. 이러한 학습 프로그램을 통해 지난 1년간 저희 아이의 학습 발달  결과는 놀라울 정도이며, 어울리며 사는 법 또한 배우고 있습니다. 또한, 학교에서 제공하는 음악,  체육, 미술/공예, 공원 방문, 견학등 다양한 활동등은 저희 아이의 정서 발달에는 많은 도움을 주고  있습니다. 전문적인 교사단으로 이루어진 Manhattan Nursery School은 아이를 맡겨야 하는 부모에게 꼭 권해 드리고 싶습니다.”

“My son is two and a half years old, and has been attending Manhattan Nursery School for over a year now.
Like most kids, he had an adjustment period but the teachers were really great in bringing him around with patience. He now loves going to school to learn new things and to play with his friends. I am always updated on a daily basis and with a monthly newsletter as to what the children are learning and am always surprised how my son continues to improve academically and socially. They offer many activities such as music,gym, arts & crafts, walks in parks, and various field trips. The entire staff is very professional and I would recommend Manhattan Nursery School to any parents looking for a school for their child.”

[A parent from Pre-K4 class (3-year old girl)]

“Manhattan Nursery School is a happy sanctuary where pre-school children can escape from the hustle and bustle of city living through the fun and learning provided by the caring teachers who are there to facilitate the individual progress of their young pupils.

Our personal experience with MNS began five years ago when our son, then 3 years old, moved from another school that was closing down. Our primary objective was that our son should be in a school environment that made learning fun. We found this in MNS. We could see that he was happy and smiling when he came home from school every day and he looked forward to going back every morning.The school also offered the UPK program for 4-5 year olds which follows the DOE Pre-Kindergarten curriculum. Our son thrived at MNS and upon graduating he was accepted into Hunter College Elementary School for gifted and talented kids.

The school is owned and run by the most capable Ms. Shim and her daughter Ms Julianne. Julianne is a graduate of NYU and has brought her expertise to the school as the Executive Director. They are very warm and caring and know all the kids by name and take the time to greet and chat with parents and students alike.

This summer after his younger sister began attending, our son was given a volunteer position to be an intern at MNS and assist the teachers of the 4-5 year old class. He still continues to enjoy the activities, teachers, and the children of this wonderful school.”

[A parent from Pre-K3 class (4.5-year old girl)]

“Meine Tochter besucht Manhattan Nursery School schon seit sie 2 Jahre alt ist. Mittler Weile ist sie schon 5 und bereit fuer Kindergarten (Vorschule). Die Betreuer sind ausgezeichnet und behandeln die Kinder als waeren sie ihre eigenen. Die Nursery School hat einen eigenen indoor Spielplatz und unternimmt mit den Kindern ueberraschend viel, Zoo und Museums Besuche und Ausfluege zum nahe gelegenen Madison Square Park als auch Musik Unterricht und Gymnastik. Wir werden sehr traurig seien wenn unsere Tochter die Manhattan Nursery School verlaesst um in die Vorschule zu gehen, aber werden sie sicher niemals vergessen.”

“We enrolled our daughter in Manhattan Nursery School at two years old. Now almost five, we realize how much the school has prepared her for kindergarten. All the teachers have been amazing, treating our daughter as one of their own. From the indoor playground to the field trips to the zoo and museum, they have created a nurturing and stimulating environment for our daughter. We will be sad to say goodbye now that she is entering kindergarten, but we will never forget everyone at Manhattan Nursery School.”

[A parent from Pre-K2 class (4-year old girl)]

“J’ai placee ma fille Juliette a Manhattan Nursery School un an de cela. Je suis tres heureuse avec le soin qu’elle recoit.

Les professeurs se soucient vraiment d’elle et des autres enfants. L’ ambiance est chaleureuse et joyeuse.

Je suis impressionnee par la facon dont les enseignantes se comportent avec les enfants. Elles prouvent leur competence sont au dela de comprehension.”

“I placed my daughter at Manhattan Nursery School one year ago and could not be happier with the care she is receiving there.

Her teachers genuinely care about her and the other kids, and the atmosphere is warm and happy. I’m impressed at how well the teachers learn the little habits of each of the kids and how they really seem to get to know and understand them.”

[A parent from Pre-K4 class (3.5-year old girl)]

を吸収しました。毎日朝から夕方までお世話になっていますが、 スタッフの方たちはきめ細かく、

“My daughter has been attending Manhattan Nursery School since she was 15 months old. Finding the right daycare can be so hard in this city, and for us MNS was the third one to try… and will be our last, as she will be going onto her last year in September. There are many practical aspects that help us parents – the convenient location and flexible hours etc., but that’s not at all why I keep my daughter here. It is because every morning I leave the school knowing that she will be in safe and good hands, and every evening I find her in great spirits and sometimes not wanting to leave, and I know exactly what she learned that day from the detailed report I get from her teacher. She is about to finish her third year and all the teachers she had are still there, which I believe shows the integrity of the school, and for the quality, just look at the monthly newsletter with thorough curriculum listing. You will be surprised with the vast array of themes the children learn from week to week. We look forward to her final year here, are excited about how much more she’ll learn, and sincerely wish the kindergarten she’ll attend will be as nurturing as this school.”

[A parent from Toddler 3 class (2-year old boy)]

“我和我丈夫最初擔心16個月兒子上幼兒園。但是,我們可以看到,這是最好的決定。在很短的時間寶  貴兒子已經學會了許多基本技能。曼哈頓幼兒園延長時間(上午八時至下午7時)是非常方便。教師和工  作人員提供一個溫暖培育和關懷的環境. 他們知道所有的孩子,他們總是有時間同家長溝通。我們的兒子  現在是2歲,從嬰兒過渡到幼兒類,他開始說很多話,每天喜歡他的時間在曼哈頓幼兒園。我們很高興發  現這所學校,一定會推薦給其他父母。”

“My husband and I were initially concerned with putting our 16 months old son into daycare. However, we can see that it was the best decision ever for him. He learned a lot and progressed quickly in a short time.

The Manhattan Nursery School has extended hours (8am-7pm) and is very diverse. The teachers, assistant teachers and staff are friendly, they know all the kids, and they’re always available to talk to parents. Our son is now 2 and has transitioned from the infant to toddler class. He is talking a lot more now and is doing well.

The Manhattan Nursery School has extended hours (8am-7pm) and is very diverse. The teachers, assistant teachers and staff are friendly, they know all the kids, and they’re always available to talk to parents. Our son is now 2 and has transitioned from the infant to toddler class. He is talking a lot more now and is doing well.

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